Web Design Trends for 2015

Posted February 26, 2015 by   in User Experience, Web Design, Web Design Strategy, Web Development

The web is an amazing thing that is constantly changing and evolving each year. With those changes come new trends in the design of the web. However, 2015 is the year that the world has started to expect the unexpected, abandon conventions and embrace the unique when it comes to websites. 

Use of Cards

Cards are pieces of related content that are organized into blocks. The best example of the use of cards is probably Pinterest, although Google and Twitter have started using website cards. Not only do cards make it easier for the user to scan, but also the content is easier to digest and process. Cards are also much easier to “responsify” (a word we made up and use here at Springboard) in the development process.

Scrolling vs. Click

Before longer pages were introduced to the world of web, designers were urged to keep the content “above the fold”, which led to very short pages and very long, robust sitemaps. Since the pages were short, users were urged to do a lot of clicking to get all of the information they were seeking. Now that longer pages have become the norm, scrolling has become the main action versus clicking and users have adapted to this.

Death of the Sidebar

Now that the goal of a web page is no longer to keep the content above the fold, sidebars have started dying out. Instead, information that was usually found in the sidebar is being organized in different ways, such as cards or split screen modules. Full-width content is still a pretty big no-no, but sidebars have been replaced with images or graphics rather than separate pieces of content.

Full Screen Navigation

Since sitemaps have started shrinking, full-screen navigation is now possible and is becoming a trend. It’s a simple tactic but eliminates confusion for users by overlaying the navigation over the entire page (after the user clicks the “hamburger” menu icon), until the user either chooses a destination or closes out of it.
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Of course, it’s the beginning of the year and new trends will emerge later, but that’s what gets us excited. Have you noticed any trends worth mentioning? We’d love to hear about them!