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That’s what we do! By partnering with businesses like yours who are seeking to meet their customers online and significantly increase leads or sales. To create transformative impact for your business, we focus on both the strategy and execution of your Internet marketing campaigns. The first step is discovering your business, analyzing your competition and evaluating the market place. After that, creating a custom prescription of web design and Internet marketing to help you realize your growth potential.

A Website-Centered Approach

Once your Internet marketing strategy is developed, your game plan and three month sprint are then assembled and we’re ready to start growing your business. Our approach is to focus on the website first, making it a lead or sales generating machine that both attracts and converts. If you’re interested in our approach to web design please view the lead generation web design and ecommerce web design pages.


Internet Marketing to Acquire VISITORS

An effective website is only as good as the traffic you bring to it. We focus on increasing quality traffic to your site by pulling from a large tool kit of Internet marketing tactics ( Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click advertising, content marketing and social engagement & content promotion ) to reach your audience, bring them to the website, and guide them through to the point of conversion.

Acquisition is greatly important but bringing large amounts of traffic to the site is only the first step in this process. Once the amount of visitors coming to your website increases significantly, we then turn our attention to increasing conversions.

Converting Visitors into Leads

For lead generation websites, it’s the subtle changes to the conversion path that allow the visitors to confirm that your business can solve their problem, establish you’re a credible solution and get them to realize their pain is so acute they need to engage with you now – all within visiting just a few pages. There are numerous variables that can influence your conversion rate, and using multivariate (A/B) testing to determine what scenario yields the greatest amount of conversions.

Converting Visitors into Online Sales

For ecommerce web design the challenge is getting the visitor to the product they’re seeking as quickly as possible and to checkout with the fewest amount of steps. Increasing the conversion rate for ecommerce websites is a complicated dance between product search, category structure, internal linking, user interface design, and a streamlined checkout process.

Does our approach align with what you want out of an Internet marketing partnership? We sure hope so.

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The Results of Our

As we partner with you, we first seek to understand the unique characteristics of your business and the value you provide your customers. We analyze your target audience, define their preferences and what information they are seeking. We then put the proverbial pen to the pad and create a unique web design that represents your business, features your specialized offerings and engages your target audience.

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If your website plays a role in influencing or driving sales, it’s imperative that it be search engine optimized (SEO). Approximately 89% of consumers use search engines to research businesses products, or services before buying. Proper SEO will ensure your website is viewed favorably by Google and easily found when prospects are using search engines.

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