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one website for every device

Responsive Web Design delivers a website that is optimized for every device, no matter the screen size.

When embarking on creating a new website for your business, planning for multiple devices and screen sizes is absolutely necessary. If you want to get the most out of your website and make the most impact on the digital world, implementing responsive web design is a must. We can ensure that you will have a digital presence on any device it’s viewed on.

Not only are there over 230 different screen sizes, but the percentage of visitors that are viewing websites on a mobile device and/or tablet rapidly grows each year. Therefore, if your website isn’t optimized for the varying screen sizes, it can hurt your conversion rates and lead flow.

Implementing responsive web design means that a separate mobile website isn’t necessary and the need to update your website to accommodate every new device that emerges into the digital world disappears.


The user is the most important person to consider when it comes to your website. Responsive web design creates a better user experience by maintaining consistency across all platforms. Users are no longer forced to endlessly scroll and resize websites to fit their device screen size; the website will resize itself to fit the screen. Responsive web design also ensures that all the important information will always be readily available for the user no matter how they’re accessing your website. But we don’t just stop there, we also consider the device and the behaviors associated with it to make informed decisions about what information should be given higher priority. For example, someone on a cell phone will likely be visiting the website with the intent to get contact information or directions, so we make sure that information is easily accessible.

A Responsive website KEEPS YOU RELEVANT

Even if you’re not invested in SEO (search engine optimization), keeping search engines happy should still be a goal. Having a separate mobile website may create penalties for duplicate content or content inconsistencies. Having one URL and eliminating the mobile site allows Google to more easily index your site and helps you avoid the content penalties.

A responsive web design also keeps you relevant by tailoring the experience to the device and behaviors of the user on that device. You are being intentional about how your message relates to them in the environment and mindset they are in at that moment. This makes you more relevant to the user, because as much as we want to keep Google happy, we cannot let that overshadow the connection with your audience.

Create a better brand experience and help to increase conversions.

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