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Why is SEO so Important?

Who thought this “Google” thing would have made it this long!?! Studies show that 91% of consumers use search engines and 59% report searching on a daily basis.

SEO helps your website get found by consumers searching for your product or service. Understanding what your target consumers are searching for, and using SEO to get your website found on search engines is crucial to driving web-based leads and sales. Still not sure if you need SEO – take the test: Google your main product or service, is your website listed?

Relevance » Does the content on your site relate to your audience and use words they search for?
Visibility » Using the appropriate search terms will connect you to your audience faster. They’ll finally see you.
Reach » Make a bigger impact by reaching a larger audience – one that is actually interested in your exact services.

There are numerous factors that go into SEO or effectively optimizing your website, but we can generally break it down to: defining your target, your website’s architecture (coding and presentation of content), quality content on your website and links coming to your site from other relevant and authoritative websites.


Like many things in business anything successful must begin with a plan – and SEO is no different. We first must analyze your business to understand what products or services provide the greatest opportunity in an SEO campaign. SEO isn’t about increasing more traffic to your website – it’s about increasing the proper traffic to your site.

We first seek to understand your products/services, your current rankings and the competitive landscape of those products/services. Once we’ve defined which product, service or topic provides the greatest opportunity, we can then prescribe the amount of content and links needed to increase rankings and drive traffic (potential customers) to your website.

Below are some of the items covered in your SEO plan:

  • Business analysis
  • Website & traffic assessment
  • Keyword / topic research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Content plan & calendar


The architecture of your website generally consist of the technical structure (such as the coding, navigation and page templates), and the organization of your content. Your website’s architecture is truly the foundation of your SEO campaign and must be optimized before any new content is added or backlinks created.

Below are some of the items we’ll enhance in the architectural optimization:

  • Canonicalization
  • Domain name consolidation
  • Page redirects
  • URL optimization
  • Navigation structure enhancement
  • Page template modifications
  • Internal link structure
  • Site map enhancement
  • Google Webmaster configuration
  • Google Analytics configuration


We will help you create a content strategy that will define what your website needs in order to answer the questions your visitors are asking and feature the topics that need to be discussed to ensure your brand’s relevancy with the search engines.

As we work with you to create engaging content, we will research your ideal audience and produce content that not only answers the questions they’re asking (or have yet to ask),but also walks them step by step closer to the point-of-purchase.

  • Category page content
  • Product descriptions
  • Thought leadership content (white paper, guides, etc)
  • About Us / Company pages
  • Locate Us page

With adequate SEO, you can position your website high in the ranks of Google and increase the number of qualified visitors to your site. SEO allows you to capture consumers searching for your product/service that are ready to buy. If you’re not utilizing search engine optimization, you’re missing out on a large amount of potential customers. Schedule a discovery conversation to learn how we can help you be discovered.

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PPC advertising goes by many names: paid search, pay-per-click advertising and even search engine marketing. They are the advertisements above and on the right side of the organic search results. With around 91% of users searching for products and services on search engines, your customers are looking for you but simply may not be able to find you. We can help them find you.

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