Importance of Responsive Web Design from a Business Standpoint

Posted October 10, 2013 by   in Marketing Strategy, User Experience, Web Design, Web Design Strategy, Web Development

Earlier this year, we expanded on responsive web design in our post, “What is Responsive Design?” in regard to what it actually is, why it’s becoming increasingly popular and why it’s important. Responsive web design (RWD) is not just important in regard to the technological aspects, but it’s also important from a business standpoint.

Saves Time & Money

These days, it is common knowledge that when embarking on creating a new website, planning for multiple devices and screen sizes is absolutely necessary. Planning a responsive website from the beginning saves a business time as well as money. Because responsive web design ensures compatibility across all platforms, this means that a business has only one website. Before RWD, a business would have a main website and multiple mobile websites in order to be compatible with all the screen sizes that exist in our world. Having only one website means less time for development (to a certain extent) and overall, less money being spent. Furthermore, when it comes time for maintenance and support, the developer in charge will have to make changes to one website, instead of multiple.

Future-Proofs Your Website

There are 232 screen sizes in the technology world, and this number is rapidly growing each year. With a responsive website, the need to constantly develop new layouts is completely eliminated. Again, this saves time and money and keeps you relevant to all consumers no matter what new, trendy device they might be using; therefore future-proofing your website.

Creates Better User Experience

We’ve already explained why user experience is important in our post, “Do I Need a New Website Design?” and responsive web design plays a huge part of creating a great user experience. Overall, responsive web design creates a more consistent experience across all platforms. Users are no longer forced to endlessly scroll and resize websites to fit their device screen size; the website will resize itself to fit into the screen. Responsive web design also ensures that all the important information will always be readily available for the user no matter how they’re viewing your website. It’s also been proven that consumers are less likely to make a purchase on their mobile device if the website they’re viewing isn’t mobile-friendly, so not having a mobile-friendly website means losing out on the business from those people.

Keeps Google Happy

Google has stated that responsive is the way to go. Keeping Google happy should always be an important goal for any business. Remaining relevant in searches is a huge part of remaining relevant as a business. Using the same URL across all web pages (instead of using allows Google to more easily index your site. Having one site, instead of multiple, means avoiding content inconsistencies, which you may be penalized for.

Of course, there are other reasons why implementing responsive design into your business’s website can be beneficial, but the importance can vary from business to business, depending on the goals and needs of each. At Springboard, we know the ins and outs of responsive web design and we’re always happy to share our knowledge. If you want to learn more or you’re ready for us to create an impactful responsive website for your business, contact us!