Content Marketing

great content creates a great experience

AN effective content marketing plan directly impactS sales

Yes, people still read–albeit differently on the web than they do while holding a newspaper (yes, they still exist) or a hardback book–but they do still read. The information that customers consume while researching solutions to their problems impacts their purchasing decisions. The best content marketing not only answers the questions that consumers are asking (or have yet to ask); it can walk them closer to the point of purchase, step by step.

Content marketing is about more than just producing blog posts and articles

Content marketing is based on core marketing guidelines, such as the who (audience), what (the information being sought) and where (the sources being searched).

Unlike traditional marketing, content marketing is neither intrusive nor interruptive. Its sole purpose is to create an experience that benefits brands. When prospects equate positive experiences with a brand, they become loyal consumers. If your content isn’t already accomplishing all of this, we can make sure that it does.


To help partners build effective content marketing plans, we first work with them to define their audiences accurately and thoroughly. Personas include far more than just traditional demographics, such as age, race, income, value of house, education, etc.; they involve the psychology that underlies customers’ purchasing decisions. To reach prospective customers, sites’ content must gain their trust. Consumers embark on psychological journeys when they shop for products. By addressing the thoughts that impact these journeys, including motivations, concerns, and fears, our content marketing draws desirable audiences, grabbing and retaining their attention.


Once our plans have been formulated, we produce and broadcast the content that we’ve outlined. Content can be produced in a variety of forms and styles, based on partners’ needs and intentions.

We can adapt content to the following formats:

» Informational articles
» Guide or How To articles
» List articles
» Whitepapers
» Case Studies
» Interviews
» Infographics
» Service descriptions
» Category descriptions
» Product descriptions
» Product demonstration videos


Additionally, there are a multitude of digital channels we take advantage of in order to promote content and reach prospective buyers. Since we’ve already taken the time to study our partners’ target audiences intimately, we can apply this knowledge to channel selection. The audiences themselves tell us what channels are best to exploit and when.

We commonly promote content via the following digital channels:

» Facebook
» Twitter
» Pinterest
» LinkedIn
» Your website
» Industry-related websites
» Discussion forums

Engage your audience with great content.

Better still, grow your audience by promoting it.

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