Altum’s creates yards and gardens that most only dream about, and they’ve been doing so since 1958. They have been a destination for people who love growing beautiful things for decades, but more importantly they are a destination of beautiful people helping people like you and I grow lawns and gardens that we can be proud of. Altum’s team of horticulturalists, landscape designers and gardeners are driven by such a desire to help others realize their gardening dreams, it’s visible in every interaction with customers who flood the Zionsville garden center.

Their passion to help others become prideful gardeners was matched by their desire to adapt to how consumers have evolved to communicate and engage with brands. Historically garden centers have taken a traditional approach to marketing; relying upon store location, street signage and using direct mail to drive customers to the store. An approach that has served many garden centers well for decades – including Altum’s. However the leadership at Altum’s sensed that consumer-brand interaction was changing and that to continue to be an industry leading garden center, they had to change focus and meet the consumers where they were now interacting.

Altum’s boldly accepted our challenge to turn to content marketing and social media engagement to deepen brand loyalty with their current customer base, but also attract a new breed of gardeners who are searching for a trusted expert via the Internet. To meet their challenge of growing their business, we prescribed a mix of a responsive web design, content marketing and plain old fashioned SEO. To learn about the approach taken, and the results attained, continue reading about the journey we embarked upon below.

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The goal? That’s twofold. Deepen the relationship with current and past customers and drive in-store foot traffic from local consumers. Gardening is a passion for some and an activity for others. Consumers want their gardens and flowers to look beautiful all season long and want to turn to the experts to ensure that occurs. They seek consultation, interaction and information to feed their gardens. This level of interaction occurs daily in the Altum’s Garden Center but was lacking from their online presence. Additionally, there’s a natural attrition within their customer base of homeowners moving away. To combat this natural occurrence, we need to continually reach homeowners throughout the Zionsville, Carmel and Indianapolis areas.


To deepen the relationship with current and past customers, we prescribed a heavy dose of content marketing and social engagement.

Content MARKETING Strategy

The plan was to create a vast library of resource content to share with avid gardeners. The kind of content that explains; how-tos, top lists, what the experts have in their gardens, when and when not to plant. The type of content that equips the do-it-yourself style gardeners with the knowledge to do so, and demonstrates Altums’ expertise to those wanting more. This vast amount of content would be housed on the website and promoted via social channels and emails to our followers and subscribers.

Hosting the nearly 45 pages and approximately 33,000 words describing all things gardening in central Indiana not only provides value to our passionate gardeners but also demonstrates to Google our expertise on gardening. The relevancy created as a byproduct of this content, along with sound on-page SEO, customer reviews, and local SEO, provided Altums greater visibility in the search engines. Promoting Altums to thousands of consumers searching for a garden center or gardening products.

Traditional Marketing STRATEGY

We’re big fans of “if it works, keep doing it”. And post cards or direct mailing works for garden centers. In addition to social engagement and social promotion, and SEO to be found by prospective gardening customers, we also deployed a direct mail campaign. The direct mail strategy consisted of sending a series of post cards over 5 key times in the gardening season, to approximately 8,000 homes within a 3 mile radius of the garden center. These approximately 40,000 postcards contained offers and purchase incentives that pertained to the time of year they were received.


  • Marketing Plan Creation
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Online Product Catalog Development
  • Easy-to-use Content Management System
  • Local SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Customer Review Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Post Card Design
  • In Store Signage Design
  • Social Media Engagement & Promotion


  • WordPress
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest



"Springboard has changed our traditional way of thinking about marketing and created an extensive plan for us to follow through web design, content, emails and social media. We have seen tremendous growth in our sales since the beginning of our partnership. I would highly recommend to kick start your business."

Altum’s Altum’s


The Altum’s customer may range from novice to virtuoso in gardening knowledge but one thing is consistent among them: a love for the beautiful outdoors. Our creative approach for anything relating to Altum’s marketing is to use textures and colors from nature, let the flowers be the focus, and always maintain a human element to connect with the gardener.

The Altum’s brand is fun, groundbreaking, unique, boutique, courageous, beautiful, eclectic and, most importantly, very knowledgable. It’s important that the audience values these characteristics as well because the Big Box stores are just around the corner with lower prices. But they can’t offer the same online or in-store experience that Altum’s can and our creative approach has to communicate that at every turn.